Thursday, October 29, 2009

The New Scrapdango Design Team!!!

It is always such an exciting time when a new design team starts, and Scrapdango is certainly exciting about our new, enthusiastic and talented designers coming aboard. But it is also a time that we typically have to say goodbye to designers that we have enjoyed and loved. A big hoot and holler goes out to Julie (aka lexea) who has been with Scrapdango for a number of years and has been the DT Leader for a number of terms. She has been a committed and gracious leader. I will miss her dearly. We also said goodbye to our beloved Ginni, but she assures me she will still hang her hat at the Dango. We will miss Alyssa and Keely also - great people and talented designers.

I am honored to announce our newest Scrapdango Design Team

Heather (hlough)
Design Team Leader
Spice Kit Designer

Lynn (iemom)
Design Team Co-Leader
Sugar/Spice Kit Designer

Kerryn (kerryn)
Newsletter Editor
Sugar/Spice Kit Designer

Nikki (NikkiLove)
Newsletter Contributor
Sugar/Spice Kit Designer

Carly (cgannon74)
Blog Coordinator
Sugar/Spice Kit Designer

Lisa W. (picture2pages)
Sugar/Spice Kit Designer

I look forward to working with these ladies and can't wait to see what they have in store for Scrapdango!