Friday, January 20, 2012

WOW! What a Whirlwind!

Wow, it has been a long time since this blog has been updated.  Back when the last blog post was made, I was finally making the decision that I was going to step away from Scrapdango and I thought December kits were going to be the last, and I didn't know what that meant exactly for the future of the message board and rest of the site.  By mid December, I had given up on finding anyone else to take Scrapdango over, which was what I really hoped would happen because it is such a great site and kit club.  I just knew that with other committments I had with photography and just my family, which just seems to get busier and busier, I could not continue to do Scrapdango and do it well.  Thankfully, though, I did find someone who wants to buy Scrapdango and is excited about continuing to put out fun and fabulous kits each and every month.  Aimee Takayoshi will be the new owner and it just so happens that we have a mutual friend and have even both been to that friend's cabin in the Snoqualmie area in Washington.  Since Aimee does live in WA and relatively close to me, we will be able to personally meet and I will really be able to help her get started in this new endeavor for her.  I hope that you will all welcome Aimee and really support her as she takes this jump into small business ownership. 

We will be making the final transfer next week sometime I think (barring anymore illness and/or winter snowstorms in the area), but before I hand over the reigns, I am having a final kit sale with kits from just $12 to $20 each.  And as an added bonus, if you order 3 or more kits, you get and additional $5.00 off.  Here are the kits I still have available--even the most recent Dec. sugar kit is just $20.  Email me at if you would like to order any of these kits.  I can send you a Paypal request or get credit card information.

Also, I did design the January kits and Aimee will be shipping them out pretty much on time toward the end of the month. With all the transition, there will be a slight delay in the kits going out, but for the most part, Scrapdango is continuing without interruption.  Here are the sneak peeks for the January kits. Aimee will be receiving all the product and will get full images of the kits posted as soon as she can. I am equally as proud of these kits as I was with the first I designed two years ago. The spice kit is filled with vibrant and fun colors and patterns while the sugar kit just makes you think of spring. Even though that may be a ways off, I know many of you welcome the idea of spring right about now.

January Spice Kit Sneak Peek

January Sugar Kit Sneak Peek

Right now is a fantastic time to start up a new kit subscription.  All year long, you can get a kit(s) delivered right to your door to bring you the motivation and inspiration you need to meet any of your yearly scrappy goals or to really help you get back in the scrappy swing of things.  It's like Christmas every month.  You can sign up for 6 or 12-month subscriptions.  Single sugar or spice kit subscriptions are $28.50/month plus shipping while combo kit (both fabulous kits) memberships are $56.00/month plus shipping.  If you would like to sign up, please contact Aimee at  You can pay by Paypal or credit card every month.  You can order you kit subscription in the store using Paypal, but please note that if you want to pay by credit card, you will need to contact Aimee so she can set that up. 

It has been a crazy month for me with Scrapdango and lots of ups and downs and twists and turns, but I am so happy that it will be continuing on, and I will definitely be sticking around as a member and really look forward to be able to participate in everything.  I know Aimee will have some great contests and crops and be on the lookout for a design team call coming soon.  I thank everyone so much for making these years I've had as the owner of Scrapdango so wonderful and fulfilling.  I hope you all have a fabulous 2012.

Scrappily Yours,

Heather :)