Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly Blog Challenge!

Howdy Dangos! This is Nik and I am hosting this week's Blog Challenge. For my challenge, I want you to tackle your stash and your fears. I know we all have a huge stash of eyelets that we are still trying to tackle so break those babies out and put some to good use. I want to see at least 10 eyelets on your creation. Bling, Bling, Bling. Who doesn't love bling? Be sure to add some bling from your stash and dazzle your project up a bit. Lastly, is doodling. This will probably be a tough one for many of you. I don't doodle much on my layouts but do on occassion so go ahead and show me some doodles. You can doodle outlines, flourishes, circles, dots or anything you like--just as long as it's doodled and not stampled. It must be hand-doodled without a templete. That's it! Simple enough, right? Here's my example layout to inspire you to get scrappin'

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 12 Days of Christmas - Dango Style!

Are you ready for a 12 day extravaganza of amazing inspiration, tutorials and games? We've got it coming your way! The fun will all start on December first and continue all the way through the twelfth! Everyday you will find a new project with all the instructions you need to make it yourself! And every other day there will be a new game to try your luck at! Earn draws for winning games and completing projects! One winner will receive a wonderful Scrapdango treat! Can't wait to see you on the forum!

Friday, November 27, 2009

November Kit Reveals!

My oh my! It's that time again... time for gorgeous kits to be headed your way from SCrapdango! We have two more exciting kits for you this month! Can you smell the season in the air? Why, I do believe I smell...nutmeg! Yes! That is it, it's NUTMEG! Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg to be exact!

November Sugar Kit

And we couldn't complete the Sugar and Spice kits this month without adding something a lil' bit studly, could we? So, this months Spice kit is in honor of all our little Super Studs out there! Yep! Bella Blvd Super Stud, nonetheless!

November Spice Kit


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blog Hop- Final Day!

Woohoo! If you're here, we're hoping it's because you've joined us for the last two days on our fabulous blog hopping journey! If not, be sure to check the posts below to catch up and find out all the details!

Today's ventures bring you once again to the Fall09/Spring10 Scrapdango Design Team blogs. Yet again, you'll collect a total of six ingredients to use on a new item- an altered item of your choice! You can choose any item you wish to alter (as you'll see from the DT examples) but you MUST include all six of the ingredients in the recipe! More are always welcome, depending on what you like! When you've completed your search and used the items in your own creation, link it to a post here on the Dango blog, or visit the Scrapdango forum to show us what you've done! We can't wait for you to share! Remember, everything must be completed by Monday night, November 16th at midnight, EST, so get going and good luck!

Scrapdango Blog... You are HERE!
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Lynn's Blog
Nikki's Blog
Carly's Blog
Lisa's Blog
Kerryn's Blog

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blog Hop Day 2!

Hey There! Welcome back! If you're joining us for the first time, be sure to see the post below this one to get yourself caught up! If not, well then, let's get started!

Today's portion of the hop involves a layout recipe. Yet again, there are 6 different ingredients. In order to get all 6, you'll need to visit the blogs of each of the DT members. It's there that you'll learn a little something about each of their favorite items to incorporate on a layout and hopefully a little bit more about each of the members themselves! Remember, the details can be found here! You may even get yourself a chance to win a RAK or two along the way!

Don't forget- your layout is due by Monday, November 16th by Midnight EST to be counted as a draw toward the prize of one of Scrapdango's amazing monthly kits. You can upload your layout in the comments sections of the Scrapdango Blog or on the forums in the Progressive Blog Hop section.

Get out there and get back to hopping!

Scrapdango Blog - You Are Here
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the New Design Team Progressive Blog Hop!

So let's get this party started! It's time for the Scrapdango Progressive Blog Hop to begin. We have a wonderful new Design Team at Scrapdango, and we want to help you get to know them and to get some great challenges along the way, not to mention giving you a chance to win a wonderful prize of one of Scrapdango's awesome kits!

Now here's how this is going to work... You need to follow the order of the blogs of each DT member given below. At each blog you will find one part of a recipe that you will need to use on a project. There will be a total of 3 progressive recipe challenges. On Friday, we will be doing a DANGOS card recipe challenge, Saturday will feature a layout recipe challenge with our DT members' favorite items, and Sunday will feature an altered item recipe challenge. You will need to visit each of the blogs all 3 days to get the new list of items for the recipe for that day.

So for today, we have the DANGOS card recipe challenge. Each DT member has posted one item that starts with the letters in DANGOS, and you will need to include all 6 of those items on your card (there can be additional items as well). You need to visit each DT member's blog to find out what those items are. Once you have completed the challenge, you can provide a link to your project by posting a comment here and/or posting it in the Scrapdango forum . Be sure to come back tomorrow and Sunday and visit the blogs to get the recipe items that must be included on a layout and altered item.

For each of the 3 challenges that you complete this weekend, you will earn 1 draw toward the prize of a Scrapdango kit. You can also earn extra draws by doing the following:

1. Posting comments on all 6 DT blogs.
2. Inviting a friend that actively participates in the hop (they should leave a comment saying who invited them)
3. Posting on the Scrapdango forum something you learned about each DT member from their blog.

Well, those are the details, now it's time for you to get hopping!

Scrapdango Blog - You Are Here
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Get Ready to Get Hoppin'!

Mark your calendars to join us Friday, November 13th through November 15th for a Progressive Blog Hop to meet the brand new Scrapdango design team. You will start out at the Scrapdango Blog and then move onto each DT member's blog for a series of progressive challenges where each DT member will reveal one part of the challenge recipe. There will be a new challenge posted each day, Friday-Sunday. By completing the challenges and some other tasks, you will earn draws toward a prize of one of Scrapdango's kits chock full of scrappy goodness. We will provide more details soon. Be ready to start hopping on Friday the 13th.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's a Blog Hop!!

Things are really hopping at Scrapdango, and we'd love to have you hop along with us! Be sure to check back here or at The Scrapdango Forum for more information! Can't wait to see you there!