Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who's ready for Christmas?!

Since today is the first day of December, I thought I would share this advent calendar that I made. I used Imaginisce papers and embellishments, SRM stickers, felt and a whole lot of fabric glue. Yep, it looks sewn together, but it's actually glued! The only sewing that I did was around the edge as a border. (you don't really need to sew the edges of felt). Then I also sewed around each square of paper, but the paper isn't sewn onto the felt. I just sewed the paper as a detail, then I glued it onto the felt squares. It's so much easier that way because if you mess up, you only ruin one square of paper, not the felt too. Also, sometimes when I try to sew two things together, it will slip and end up not totally straight. This way, I knew the paper was going to be straight over the felt because I was gluing it!
I also used fabric glue on my accordion flowers. I find that it holds better. Really, I used almost an entire bottle of fabric glue on this calendar!