Monday, July 9, 2012

I love the kits here - they are all a wonderful combination of papers and embellishments with everything coordinated.  All I need to do is reach for something and I know that it will match.  However just like anything else, there are ones which appeal to me more than others.  This month was simply wonderful.  I was truly like a kid in a candy store.  My only problem this month was choosing between things. Since I have been working with these kits, my stash has languished.  I never touch my old things - I don't need to everything I need or want comes from the kit.
 Cards are a favorite of mine. I like to keep a stash of them so I can send them at a moment's notice.
 Double sided paper is like a double dip of ice cream - twice as good.  I really liked using the double sided prints to make the tea bag folded flowers.
 I hide a secret love for chipboard.  It doesn't seem the rage that it once was but it is still a scrapbooker's staple.  I love the little hexagons that were in the kit.  I also used the ink that was in last month's kit to give this page a more masculine feel.
The paper for this page was just so sweet.  it went so well with the pictures.  It was so easy that it almost made itself.

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