Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Challenge #12

Time for a challenge girls!! This time around it is a photo challenge!

I was chatting with a friend today about pictures we have of ourselves. She was looking for a recent photo of herself for a DT bio page and realized that she didn't really have one. I got to thinking..... my recent avatar photo was the last one taken of me and that was taken last fall by my 8 year old daugher, Emmy!!!

If you are anything like me then you are always behind the camera, rarely infront of it!!

Can you guess where I am going with this challenge yet??

Yep.... grab your camera, slap on some lipstick and get your photo taken, It can be a self portrait, taken by your BFF, your children or your hubby. It must be taken between now and the 15th of June. Let's see you have some fun in front of the camera!!

Once you have your pic, load it as your new avatar, load it in the gallery or link it here, for one ballot for the blog draw. Use it in a layout and recieve 2 bonus ballots!!

I will be enlisting the help of my girls this week in getting a new pic of me too.



Colleen said...

Oh yuk, I take horrible pictures.

Suzanne said...

Hmm, just did that over Mothers Day weekend. Let me see if its my current avatar, I forget. :-P

Jackie said...

Oh sure, just slap on some lipstick she says.. girl I would need a gallon of paint not to mention the body work needed first!!!

GinniG said...

What Jackie, Suzanne and Colleen said! Hehe! My grandson took a relatively good one of me on Memorial Day so can I use that one? :) I was actually dressed and had makeup on that day! Hehe!

LoisB said...

Here's a link to the passport photo I just had taken:

Anonymous said...

I just tried uploading my new photo but it won't let me. Say I exceeded size but I put it 100 x 100 and even tried smaller.
I'll try putting in my gallery.

Regina said...

well my ds took one of me last week after my haircut. I loaded it as my new avatar