Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scrapdango Girl

It's time to introduce a fellow Dango lover to our members. I happen to know her in real life and I wanted to let you see my friend........................ Anne Marie!! (Sisterbug)

When did you first start scrapbooking and how did you get into it?

I started about 8 years ago. As I am probably like many others I started by having home parties with……. You guessed it Creative Memories.

Looking back into your creations is there one you really dislike and would you change it or leave it?

There are a few I dislike but I would NEVER change it because that is how it all began and I can see how I grew with scrapbooking

What does scrapbooking mean to you?

I get to spend lots of good times with my sister and friends. I love the memories I can create my myself and others.

What is your can’t live without scrapping tool?

Where do I start? I would have to say my 12” straight cutter and my distressing blade.

When beginning a layout are you the kind of person who has to work of a sketch or you can throw anything together and it all works?

Sometimes I can just throw it together but when I lose my mojo or need a lift I LOVE to use sketches.

How did you find Scrapdango and what do you like most about it?

My sister Michelle and friend Tara told me about Scrapdango not sure who told me first or if they told me on one of our ventures together?
I love a lot of stuff about Scrapdango. I would have to say the challenges since it helps to give me great scrapping ideas!!!

Show us a couple of your favorite layouts. What makes them a fav?

Here are a couple of my layouts: Not sure why they are a fav, but just like the way they turned out. I know sometimes I will do a layout and not quite like it then others I am quite proud of so here is a couple.

Thanks Anne Marie for sharing a little bit about yourself and a few of your favorite layouts with us!

I wonder who will be featured next??



Michelle Galloway said...

Looks Great Anne Marie, awesome job on those l/o

Gina said...

great pages!!!!