Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting To Know....

I love these posts where we Get To Know someone at Scrapdango. Today we are Getting To Know................................. Brianne aka Breeze 7!!

1. When did you first start scrapbooking and how did you get into it?

I actually started “real” scrapbooking in the fall of 2006. My son was almost one and I knew I needed a way to document his growth and milestones in a creative way that I could share with our family and friends that lived so far away. In the past, I had always just put my photos in an album but it seemed to be lacking something.

2. Looking back into your creations is there one you really dislike and would you change it or leave it?

I have looked back MANY times over my creations and thought, “Oh I could do this, or change that and THEN it would look good”, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I think the change of my layouts over time shows my growth and gained knowledge in scrapbooking.

3. What does scrapbooking mean to you?

Scrapbooking allows me a creative freedom that nothing else in my life provides. It’s a way to escape the daily grind and to just relax surrounded by my memories. I love being able to document all of the events in our life together. We have smiled, cried, cheered, and sulked over many things and scrapbooking provides my family a way to remember all of our special times together and apart.

4. What is your can’t live without scrapping tool?

The scrapping tool I could not live without would have to be my computer. I do so much on it, from editing my photos, to creating unique embellishments and journaling spaces. I really need to upgrade soon (still trying to convince my husband).

5. When beginning a layout are you the kind of person who has to work of a sketch or you can throw anything together and it all works?

I can do it either way but I find that sketching out my layout first helps avoid frustration and/or an empty space that needs a “certain something”.

6. How did you find Scrapdango and what do you like most about it?

My friend, Diana, had been trying to convince me to try out for DT’s. We had been doing a few searches on PubCalls and I saw this one pop up. I visited the site a few times before signing up and throughout the contest, really started to enjoy your members and their energy. When Carrie called me to ask if I would be interested, it was a resounding “yes!” I really love the way everyone supports each other and pushes one another to try new things.

7. Show us a couple of your favorite layouts. What makes them a favorite?

Forever Neverland: This has to be my very favorite layout. It reminds me that my son is growing more and more every day and to cherish the “little boy-ness” of him now.

He Calls Me Babe: My husband is a very “military-minded” type of guy. Displays of emotion are sort of few and far between. This layout reminds me that even though he doesn’t show it every single day, his love for me goes far beyond what my eyes see. He is such an amazing source of inspiration to me.

Imagination at work: This layout makes me laugh every time I see it. I love the fact that my son is creative like I am but he tends to be the opposite of me when it comes to art. He LOVES to make a mess and just “EXPLODE” on his creations. I have always been a very neat and clean creator so to see him enjoy making huge messes reminds me that there is always room to try new things and that someone’s disaster is not always just a mess, it’s a work of art.

I am so glad that you decided to try out for the Design Team here at Scrapdango!! I love your work and enjoy having you on the board!! Thanks for letting us Get To Know You!!



pictures2pages said...

Great way to get to know you more!

Spinkeeshy said...

You Rawk Bri! Love ya honey!

Regina said...

I loved getting to know you better!!!

Dora said...

you are awesome, Bri!

Lucy Chesna said...

loving the layouts and a great way to get to know you...congrats on being on the scrapdango DT