Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alphabet tips.....

Do you have lots of leftover know the ones where you are missing the one letter you need....

here are a few tips for using them up

* heat emboss the different font letters you want for your title to all one color

* combine different letters. overlapping and skewing to use a school photo mat

* use random letters, numbers and symbols of colors that match your page on a border for school pages.

* use your dictionary, on line dictionary or a word builder site to come up with a word using the left over letters you do have!

*place your letters all over your background cardstock, them use mist, dabbers, ink or paint! You can peel the letters off after or leave them on for added texture! (if you want to peel them off after, before you stick them to your page, stick them to your clothes a couple of times to remove some of the adhesive therefore reducing the chance of ripping your paper when you are peeling the letters off)

Hope you find these tips helpful!

Have a wonderful day!