Friday, May 16, 2008

Scrapdango Tips

I love it when you gals send me some tips. I have a few wonderful tips to share with you from Ally (thecircleguru)

Here's a few tips for you...
- Clear rhinestones.... color them with alcohol inks to get different colors!

- Unmounting your wood mounted stamps.... put them in the microwave for a few seconds to loosen the adhesive between the stamp and the wood block to make it easier to take them off.

- Rub-ons.... staple the backing to the rub-on sheet so the rub-ons don't adhere themselves to the packaging or another piece of paper on your desk.

Thanks Ally for sending in these great tips. You have earned yourself a ballot for this months Blog Prize Draw!! If you have any tips or techniques your would like to share with us please email them to: and put "scrapdango blog" in the subject line.

Look out tomorrow when I will be posting an awesome tutorial from one of our Dango girls. She also earned herself a ballot for the draw!!

I will have my girls draw a name tonight when we they get home from thier riding lessons. Then... another prize round begins!


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Suzanne said...

Those are some AWESOME tips, thanks! :-)