Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 3 Swimsuit Competition

Here was the challenge that our contestants had to work within this week:

This challenge is to start with the basics and see what you can co with it. This week the only paper you may use is single color cardstock. You may do what you want to it - stamp it, ink it, spritz it, spray it, tear it, emboss it or anything else you care to - but whatever is done is what you have done to it. This goes for all paper on you layouts - no printed embellies unless you are the one that stamped it etc. 

And of course why do people not in a competition wear a swim suit? Why to swim of course. So taking some inspiration from the water in which we swim, your project needs to have some blue on it. It can be blue in the photos, embellishments, paper, journaling etc, but it needs to be obvious. 

Here are this week's entries:

check back to see who the winner is!

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