Friday, November 21, 2008

Tip Time ~ Challenge # 23

Let’s talk about scissors. I don’t know about you but I have my very favorite, must have, scissors. I was upset yesterday when my girls used them to cut sticky food with. Yup… they gunked them up so bad that I couldn’t use them. I cracked open my unDu and removed the goo but they were so dull they wouldn’t cut paper anymore. Now I am on the hunt for a replacement pair. I can’t seem to find them anywhere…. at least not yet.

I have several pairs of scissors. I use them for different jobs. My first pair I ever bought were Honey Bees by Cutter Bees. These have a great Teflon coating and work great for cutting through sticky glue dots, double sided tape other such sticky supplies.

When it comes to cutting any type of fabric I have my straight blade and my pinking shears. They work the best for fabric and felt. I find any of my other scissors aren’t sharp enough and snag. Fiskars makes great scissors for cutting through felt and fabric.

I like to work with wire, metal, acrylic and plastic. I have some strong Titanium scissors. They are extremely durable and strong. They seem to cut through anything and remain sharp.

Now… my favorite pair are spring loaded. I adore them because they are extremely comfortable and my hand doesn’t cramp or get sore when I plan on doing either a lot of pages or a lot of fine detailed cutting. They are always sharp and have a fine tip for detailed cutting. Alas…. they are wrecked. *SIGH* My Tim Holtz, Tonic, Spring Loaded, Fine Tip Scissors are sad too.

Quick Tip#1: If you are finding that your scissors are sticky just use a little dab of unDu and it will disappear.

Quick Tip#2: If you find that your scissors aren’t cutting like they did when you first bought them you can cut a sheet of aluminum foil or you can get them sharpened professionally.

Quick Tip #3: If your scissors are getting sticky but not because of goo or glue, you can cut through waxed paper too!! ** this tip was from Ginni. I have just given her a ballot for the draw. Thanks for the tip!**

Blog Challenge:
I would like you to use some decorative scissors on your next layout or card. You can email me at: and please put Scrapdango Blog Challenge in the subject line.
Remember that this month I am offering a cute set of Maya Road Stamps!



Lucy Chesna said...

great tips and love the challenge

GinniG said...

Great tips and great challenge! Can I add one more tip? If your scissors are getting sticky but not because of goo or glue, you can cut through waxed paper too!!

Tara said...

Great tip Ginni! Thanks. I'm going to edit the post...