Saturday, May 7, 2011

Megan's Scrap Space

I just want to warn you, my scrap space is utilitarian. It's not posh, but it is functional. Oh and it's pretty small, so I have had to fit things in where I can. AND these photos were taken during NSD. I cleaned up a little, but it's obviously not as clean as it could be.

I like to see my supplies as much as possible, because I forget about them if I can't. I also am pretty much an organization freak. I usually don't have a lot of time to scrap, and I find that keeping things organized helps me scrap faster. (although I am a pretty slow scapper anyway)

Ok first, this is my desk area. I have spared you the look at DD's desk, which is to the left of mine, because hers is always a huge mess. I clean it up, but she just makes it messy again.

The desks are old workbenches but the tops were corroded from the previous owner working with photography chemicals, so I had my uncle, who does heating and air conditioning, form metal tops for them from the same stuff that he makes duct work. It's great because it's pretty much indestructible, and I can use magnets to hold stuff down.

you can also see up top that I have my ribbon (and some flowers) sorted by color in glass vases from the dollar store. The shelf above the desk has more flowers sorted by color, a little office supply sorter thing that I keep misc stuff in, like pins, and my little purple ribbon remnant box where I throw ribbons that are too small to put back in the jars, or ribbons that I don't feel like putting away. Pens, tools and frequently used items are on the lip at the back of the desk. rulers and my atg gun hang on the peg board (when I put them back)

and there is a knife block magnet thing on the right hand wall, that I use to hold other metal things, like scissors.

love this! a little shelf with all my cat eye inks sorted by color into a rainbow - although it's a little messed up right now
and another shelf with my glimmer mists, those are still in their rainbow. (yes I have a problem - lol - I love things organized)
computer, printer, and sewing machine work area
chipboard - sorted by type into a shadow box turned on it's side, some pottery that my mother-in-law makes, and some boxes cut to fit the drawer. Die cuts are stored the same way, only they are all in cut down boxes, in the second drawer. These drawers are part of the dresser/bookcase from DDs old bedroom set

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