Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo organization

Do you print your photos a head of time? Maybe taking advantage of those 'order 100 get 100 free' deals? What do you do with them after?

I thought I would share what I do.....I would love to hear your ideas!!!!

I would love to share photos but we had water in our basement and everything had to be moved and I really can't get too them right now. Sorry

First I will edit, crop and order my photos. When I am dealing with large events I will often order the photos in 3x4

After getting my photos, I put the date on the back of the photo then I place them into photo boxes by year. I then subtitle by month then by event. I would love to get these from cropper hopper

I then take about 3 months of photos and place them in a small photo album. I will then use these for my next scrapping projects.

So what works for you? Do you do something similar to this?

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